what are the types of custom product labels

What are the types of custom product labels?


As the importance of brand messaging gains prominence, every industry is adopting product labeling aligned to the specific industry’s best practices. Some of the custom product labels printed by an expert label printer include:

Beverage labels

Whether it is a beer label, milk label, juice label, wine label, or water bottle label, it is imperative to understand the type of environment your beverage stays in. This will determine the type of label material used. A professional can help you with that.

For top-quality and durable beverage labels, the expert will use different materials or adhesives for wet, cold, warm, and hot environments. Whatever the condition, the expert knows how to make your label enduring.

Chemical labels

These product labels comprise industrial and home care chemical labels that require specialized labeling. An expert label printer has just the skills to design a label that can withstand exposure to the contents contained within the packages. Hazardous chemicals should be labeled correctly for safe transportation. The label must also include crucial safety information along with the product details for safe consumer handling.

With the help of an expert, these labels can be waterproofed and custom-designed to align with the product’s use. The labels can also be made chemical-resistant and durable enough for outdoor storage. Such labels can be applied to paints, oils, and drums, among other chemical products.

Home care labels entail detergent labels, household cleaner labels, and labels for personal care products such as hair, skin, and oral hygiene products. These labels are designed to be waterproof, flexible, oil, and chemical-resistant for durability.

Consecutive and variable data labels

Consecutive numbering labels are suited for wide-ranging applications that frequently convey variable data. They can be used in inventory management, asset tracking, event ticketing, paid parking, random number generation, as well as barcodes.

The labels are therefore ideal for both static and variable information printing depending on your business or project needs. The static information is pre-printed in multiple colors and the variable information is printed in black and an expert printer knows how best to match them.

Cosmetics labels

Whether you are looking for bath and shower labels or simply personal care labels, involving an expert custom labels printer will ensure the job gets done with the best label material to guarantee longevity. Because cosmetic products involve frequent handling and exposure to unusual environments, their labels must be made durable.

The labels are therefore crafted from durable, waterproof, holographic, squeeze, and oil-proof materials and crowned with decorative finishes for better aesthetics.

Instant redeemable coupons (IRC)

Want your products to get noticed faster? Integrate a coupon label on your product packaging to attract some positive attention. In an extremely competitive consumer market, you need something a little extra to stand out. The IRC coupons are a great way to keep consumers coming back for more.

They should be printed on both sides and be adhesive-free for faster attention and ease of consumer use. For mail-in rebates, the coupon labels can be made signature-compatible and printed in multiple colors to enhance their visual appeal.

Direct food contact labels

fruit stickersThese labels should only be made using glue that is approved and regulated by the FDA and adhesive that is safe for food. While adhering to FDA guidelines, an expert label printer that is food safety-conscious can help you design edible fruit stickers.
Whether you are dealing with wax-skinned fruits such as apples or fuzzy-skinned ones like peaches, these labels are ideal for all types of products and all types of surfaces including rough and uneven ones.

Fire tags

Fire extinguishers require several labels. There is the cylinder tag that details maintenance details of the extinguisher, manufacturer information, and the contents of the extinguisher along with their chemical composition.

There is also the status tag that tells whether the fire extinguisher is recharged, new, or professionally serviced. Lastly, the annual inspection tag must also be present.

An expert custom labels printer understands all the regulatory requirements of designing fire labels and would be better placed to advise and guide you accordingly.

Automotive labels

Custom automotive labels should be made from sturdy material able to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. The material should also be able to endure cleaning agents, different solvents, and other vehicle routine maintenance chemicals.

These labels are applicable for both car manufacturers and drivers because the durability of stickers is paramount to them both. Whether you want a tamper-proof label or a removable one, an expert knows just the material to use.

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